This Just In: Workaday Handmade

Posted by Rocky + Luella on


Artist and ceramicist Forrest Lewinger started Workaday Handmade as a potter's assistant, creating one work for himself every day to stoke his creative fire. But as his works accumulated, friends began asking for ceramics of their own to take home with them. Unable to part with the pieces he'd created on his lunch breaks, he began thinking about ways he could translate his conceptual ideas into functional pieces for his friends.

Over time, his work morphed into everyday forms likes bowls, mugs, and cups - something his friends could use in lives rather than set on a shelf. True to his original artistic inspiration, he combines modern art and utility through his signature matte blue glaze, which he started using back in his days as an assistant, and creates new shapes and patterns from the scenery around his home base of New York City. His striking geometric patterns, bold hues, tortoiseshell glazing and hand marbling makes his work a stand out in any setting.

We love Workaday Handmade not only for the striking blue color and unique patterns, but because they so seamlessly blend classic function with modern artistic appeal in a way that makes them feel timeless rather than trendy. It's our mission to provide only items we absolutely adore and would buy for ourselves, and we're definitely having a hard time not keeping these pieces all to ourselves.

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