To Market, To Market

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Capsule Show
The Capsule show floor, via instagram (@capsuleshow)


This week we're in NYC for our favorite trade shows! Julia is making the rounds and on the prowl to find the latest and greatest to bring back to the shop. February might feel cold, long, sleepy, but it's a busy time of year for us! Check out what we're peepin':

WOMAN New York:

At MAN and WOMAN, we're looking for those really perfect brands that might not be getting booth space at the major shows. They're packing the same wallop, but maybe these brands are new, small, or just want to connect to their community in a different way. What we do know, is that MAN/WOMAN is very carefully selected, and we're bound to find something exciting. This year we don't have any of the designers in attendance, so we're looking forward to what we might find, and getting to visit some of our favorites in person for the first time, like amazing minimalists Priory and the standout jewelers at Bing Bang NYC.


Axis is all about lifestyle. We love finding new ways to make the small stuff more delightful, so we're headed to Axis to find the best in apothecary, accessories, leisure, home goods, and curiosities. The makers of our popular boob planters, Group Partner, will be there, as well as Moon Rivers Naturals,  which we can't keep on our shelves long enough! If these two fan faves are any indication of who will be there, we have a feeling we'll be coming home with quite the haul.

Capsule New York:

The holy grail of US market shows, Capsule is stuffed to the gills and brimming with amazing talent. There are so many of our current favorites there, like Ilana Kohn, and you'll see brands like Ali Golden coming to R+L this spring. Capsule is where we can really roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty. We can't wait to see what the community is up to, and we'll have so much to share when we get back!

Stay tuned - we can't wait to share with you what we find! It's gonna be a great buying season, but right now we're gonna grab another espresso, caffeine up, and get back on that show floor!