Pre-Spring Survival Essentials

Posted by Rocky + Luella on

I feel ya, Rory Pot, I feel ya. February seems like the longest month of the year, even though it's the shortest, and this year we get extra. I'm over it, you're over it, Punxsutawney Phil is definitely over it. But we've still got to wait it out. It's at this point in the season when the old winter wardrobe is growing tired, but spring seems too far off to start jazzing things up for the next season. So what can you do to boost your spirits? Maybe you can't reboot your wardrobe just yet, but you can pick up a few things for yourself and your home that will put a little pre-spring in your step. We've picked our favorites items that make our insides stir with the promise of spring. 


 Tanlines Planter


1) Our Group Partner "Tanlines" planter is a fan fave and always makes us smile.  The tan lines remind us of warmer, sunnier times, and it's playful throwback to summer vibes helps us fight through the last bit of winter.




2) When you can't update your wardrobe but need a little kick, we love picking up an architectural necklace that makes a sophisticated statement. Surface Handmade's Cylinder Necklace isn't overly showy, but everyone will take notice. The best part is that it can travel through the seasons with you whenever you could use a sprucing.





3) Nothing pulls you out of a rut like a little self care. Moon Rivers Naturals Activated Charcoal Mask will refresh you on the gloomiest of days. The activated charcoal acts as a deep, exfoliating detox for your skin. Take all the toxins out, leave nothing but that dewy glow.



4) Even though spring is so close you can almost taste it, don't jump the gun just yet. There are still cold days ahead, so grab a transitional item you'll be able to use every day. Molly Virginia Made has beautiful hand marbled leather clutches that will take you from winter to spring, and day to night. The Chelsea Clutch is the perfect size, look, and color for all your pre-spring needs.


Make sure you have everything you need for the in-betweens. Shop all of our Apothecary and Dry Goods selections.