Behind the Label: Kowtow

Posted by Rocky + Luella on

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The fashion landscape as we know it is one that often tends to overlook conscientiousness and sustainability in order to gain profit and keep production costs at an all-time low. At present, Stella McCartney is likely the most well-known big name fashion brand championing conscientious clothing, though unfortunately she is largely something of a unicorn at her level.

At first glance, the current state of affairs in major fashion may appear a bit bleak for environmentalists, but fashion is nothing if not forward thinking, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There are real changes being made from within, mostly through smaller, under-the-radar labels. Enter Gosia Piatek. When she and her business partner set out to create an ethical business model, Piatek looked to a career in design. Her efforts have now fully manifested into New Zealand clothing brand, Kowtow.

Using Fair Trade practices, certified organic cotton, seed-to-garment techniques, and providing their employees with benefits often unseen in corporate fashion, the label serves as a reminder that you can be successful while operating outside of standard industry practices.

If all of that sounds a bit crunchy, the clothes are anything but. One glance through Kowtow's look book gives you insight into their clean, sophisticated aesthetic. The Kowtow woman is streamlined but not severe, minimal but never boring, mysterious but not pretentious. She is cultured and interesting, but most importantly she understands the importance of wearing clothes that are made with meaning beyond "fashion".

Visit our picks from Kowtow's fall collection, and check back this spring for some incredible new styles we can't wait to unveil in the shop.